Deep Cleaning Service 

Rediscover a fresh and clean home or office with our deep cleaning. 

Our comprehensive service specializes in disinfection your home while eliminating unwarranted residue that normal cleanings cant reach. We also customize our services to fir your needs with a list of add-ons you can choose from. 


During the consultation, we will determine what level of cleaning your home is in need of. The difference in the levels is the intensity of cleaning your home is in need of.  We will share with you our recommendations, from there we can customize your service with add-ons.

Level 1

Modest wipe down cleaning, straightening, disinfection, and sanitation of your home.

Revitalizing your home environment. 

This level is ideal for homes that are in a good condition, normally they are switching cleaning companies, or just had a cleaning a couple of months ago.

Level 2

Detailed scrub cleaning, straightening, disinfection, and sanitization of your home. Creating a clean and refreshed living space.

This level is our most common and is ideal for homes that have never had a cleaning service before and are looking to start a recurring service, are switching cleaning companies or would like a one-time deep cleaning. 

This level is also recommended for light move-outs and post-construction jobs. 

Level 3

Top to bottom, comprehensive wash, scrub, disinfection, and sanitation of your home resulting in the elimination of dirt, dust, mildew and more.

Recreating a new home environment.

This level is ideal for houses that have not had a cleaning in over a year (although homes with less time can be eligible), it also applies to homes that are going through post-construction work as well as move-outs.  

Simple Process

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Book online to set up your

in-person or virtual consultation.

During that time we will discuss your needs and create your personalized quote.

Your quote will be emailed to you for your approval. 

A 50% deposit is required for your first service, which can be paid online or over the phone. 

Enjoy The Clean!

Once we receive your deposit we will  schedule your date and you are all set!

You will receive text and email notifications to remind you of your appt. 

Once you book, your information will be sent to our team who will create the appointment for you. You can expect a phone call to confirm all the details. During the con...
Complimentary Consultation
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